Reading is good for the Mind

I went on a copy-writing course a couple years ago with Business Link presented by a marketeer called Nigel Temple. He gave some fantastic advice on how to improve your copy and I’m sure a lot of it I have forgotten.

What has stayed with me was his words regarding reading. He said to read much more than you have ever done before, read everyday and switch between fiction and non-fiction, everything that you read is new information you are learning and taking on board. This has been great advice – if it has improved my writing skills remains to be seen.

image of book and tree

I spend a lot of my working day uploading copy and reading it looking for keywords, descriptions and links and today it suddenly struck me that through my job I am learning an enormous amount about different markets and occupations.

I know we all have things that we love about our jobs but I genuinely love learning about my clients and their strengths as well as producing a website that will help them develop their business. Hopefully it will help me a better Networker too with a greater understanding of business benefits.