HTML emails

It’s a great idea to have a branded email template for your campaigns. They are a bit of a mine field so you may be better utilising the pre-made templates that you get with Mailchimp or Aweber. Other email clients are available!!

So today I’m going to share a little info about the design and what you can expect from an HTML email written for something like Campaign Monitor. Campaign monitor recommend that you choose which browsers you are coding for first as getting perfect results in all clients is impossible. This sounds like good advice to manage expectation from the start… The trickiest to get right are GMAIL, Lotus and Outlook 2007…

General Coding

Under 600px wide, this is supposed to help the scalability in the mobile browsers but not all will cope well. Iphones and Blackberry should be OK. To stop text resizing add -webkit-text-size-adjust: none;

Forget CSS layout, we need tables and nested tables.

Keep CSS inline – Start with a style sheet in the head if you have to you can then run it through a tool that can take the header CSS and place in-line. Campaign Monitor recommend this one Premailer…

Avoid shorthand coding, keep colours 6 digit and other css that can shorted like fonts.

Set margins and padding for as many elements as possible, especially paragraphs.

Set colours on every link as many browser override link colour to their own. Use an empty span around the link text.



Not all email clients can see images – if the main part of your design is made up of images you need to be aware that the reader may just see an email full of empty boxes. That is hardly going to encourage them to make that essential click to read on. Assume no-one can see images in the first instance.

Background images that are used in web cannot be read by some clients so these need to be avoided or replaced with a fall back background colour.

.pngs cannot be read by some clients, only use .jpgs or .gif files

Code issues

Background images that are used in web cannot be read by some clients so these need to be avoided or replaced with a fall back background colour. This is an issue for both design and code.

Some Outlook versions have a bug that adds white space – use img {display: block; } to avoid.

On images always add the dimensions in pixels and add alt text too – remember those images are likely to break.

Never float images, always use the align tag and align top where you don’t think you need to align.

Good Luck!!

Plan your Newsletter

When you get a newsletter sign up form on your website do you really plan what you need to be doing with that newsletter. This video explains so of the common mistakes that people make and an overview of how some real newsletter processes could be improved.

Business Email Accounts

We Can Provide You With A Business Email Address For Less Than You Think…

We have written this article to help you choose your professional email address…

Choosing a Domain

Lots of people start businesses, upgrade their wardrobe, buy business cards because it’s the done thing but when they think about getting a professional email account they just don’t know where to start. That’s where Navitas Design can help you.

We want to take the techie out of getting a domain name and give you a little help. The first thing you need to do is get a name that isn’t already being used.

So here are our tips:

  • Use your company name – if you don’t have one you can use your own name. i.e.
  • Keep it simple – if you have a long company name try to shorten it if you can but keep it sensible and memorable
  • Make sure that there are no words that could be read incorrectly when you link up your company name without spaces. I’m keeping it clean but I think you know what I’m saying!
  • Some programs like MailChimp or other email programs won’t accept the sale@ etc. Make sure that one of your addresses includes your name for the situations where you cannot use a generic email account.
  •’s and .coms are both acceptable for UK businesses, you may want to reserve both.

Domain Name Search

Search for a Domain Below



For just £16.00 per year you can have up to 5 professional email addresses and purchase your If you require assistance setting up addresses in Outlook and iPad / iPhone we have instructions available.*

Use our Domain Name checker or email us now or call us on 01280 816580.

*We can talk you over configuration by telephone please call us for more details as a small charge applies.


Video ready WordPress Websites

Julia at Vocability already had a website but since starting her business the direction had changed. Julia had her content re-written to cover the four main services in her business and working together we streamlined what she had into a far more direct website.

As Julia is a vocal coach she had a great video done to show her skills on the homepage. In order to encourage people to join her newsletter a great give away was recorded showing Julia’s top presenting tips and this is only accessible from the newsletter confirmation page.

Julia will use the blog to give more helpful tips on presenting to her readers.

See for yourself at

Vocability WordPress Website

SEO Special January 2013 Offer

Would you like a clear guide as to how your website is performing?  Do you need a clear vision to motivate you to achieve website goals?  Ready to take your website to the next level…

Try our Diagnostic SEO Report and 2 hours follow up work:

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WordPress users or agreed websites only…

What you get:

  • Full SEO website diagnostic report with analysis of website and comprehensive reporting
  • Keyword ranking report
  • Keyword ranking snapshot
  • 2 hours of organic SEO improvements on your website
  • Also included FREE – An additional report four weeks after to show improvements worth £20.00 (With 4 Backlinks)

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Lots of websites in 2012

Over the last few months I’ve been a bit quiet on my blog. Is it because I have been without anything to say – far from it? I have been busy with many different kinds of web builds and over the next few weeks I’ll be doing some case study style blogs on why my clients came to me for a website, their reasons and what they hope to achieve by their “new” website.

Two of the websites I have built have been WordPress re-creations of existing websites. If you have the enthusiasm to work social media, blog and grow your website with your business this is a cost effective way to start on the next stages of your marketing campaign. We can also add a little Navitas spin by bringing some of the fonts and styles slightly up to date.

Wordpress love logo

I have had the pleasure of building a large website with a corporate feel as well as a simple home page build for the fabulous Lindys Cakes, a site that I feel privileged to have involvement in. Lindy’s Cakes have really come of age by losing their static web front and over the last 12 months migrating their huge website to WordPress.

Navitas has been building websites for Marketing Companies and Graphic Designers, something which I love doing. It’s great to work in the different ways that other project managers work and lessons are learned from every build and client that I work with.

The Navitas Design team is also growing with a fantastic network of Web Developers, Graphic Designers and Marketing Gurus. In particular the dynamic Sarah Brambleby who I work very closely with.

2012 has been busy, fun and tiring so far and I’m looking forward to sharing my customers successes with you in my forthcoming blogs.

Maintenance with a Difference – Web Design Aylesbury

What does maintenance mean to you? Is it paying for something that you may never use in! Is it an insurance policy? Why would you need maintenance on a website – they can’t break surely..? Well they can.

Navitas always gives value for money so we don’t believe in taking anyones well earned money just in-case something goes wrong so by listening to what businesses have said they need and seeing the need for a maintenance policy we have came up with a couple of options.

Website Updates, back-up and recovery plan

When your website is complete you must update the content regularly to ensure that Google continues to visit your website and this is a major ranking factor on your website. Every website from Navitas comes with a training session showing you how to alter page content, add new posts and images and use the search engine tools – we even show you how to get that content in the eyes of the masses through social media.

Not everyone feels comfortable taking on their website as another task, we can provide you with a managed service which will cover a monthly backup of your website and database and we will do whatever work is required up to your hourly quota.

This can include:
Adding your written blog posts and resizing images in them.
Changes to content
Adding / removing shopping cart items
Tweeting Posts
Adding items to Galleries
Working to a wish list

The maintenance element of the package will cover us securing your website against spam attacks and updating your WordPress Plugins and correcting any issues following the upgrades. Virus and spam attacks can also have devastating effects on your website, your package will cover you in the event of an attack and we can recover your website from your back-ups.

If you are running an older version of WordPress that does not support some of the newer benefits of WordPress we will make you aware of what will not be possible.

Package 1. Back-up, Recovery and One Hour of Updates per Month £30.00
Package 2. Back-up, Recovery and Two Hours of Updates per Month £50.00
Package 3. Back-up, Recovery and Three Hours of Updates per Month £72.00

Contact us now by email or call 01869 278217 if you are an Aylesbury based business looking to get more business.

Kelly Jo Photography

When I first met Kelly she complained that she couldn’t update her website.  As a photographer it’s important to have an up to date portfolio and show off your latest work.  Kelly was also looking to promote her wedding photography more as this is an area that she loves.
image of kelly jo photography bicesters website

Gaining control of your content

Kelly now has the ability to change the front page images on her website as well as the text.  We have provided Kelly with a slideshow tool that gives her the freedom to add dynamic moving images to her blog posts.  As well as the ability to blog Kelly can also change the content on her pages.  With a little training Kelly has jumped in immediately and begun building a blog and is currently embarking on a new Social Media campaign.

Integration with other web packages

Kelly hosts her images with a specialist photography provider.  The old website Kelly had looked different to her photography package.  By doing things a little differently and thinking outside the normal box we found a solution and both sites now integrate beautifully.  Kelly has the ability now to add her galleries from the photography package into her blogs posts however she is choosing to take things one step at a time.  Watch that site; it’s filling up gorgeous images.

If you are a photographer and you need help getting online I have experience with SmugMug integration and dynamic galleries call me now on 01869 278217 or email us now.

Blue Frog of Aylesbury Launch a new website

image of website build for blue frog digital print aylesbury
Blue Frog Digital Print of Aylesbury were on the start of a new marketing campaign. They had taken the decision to advertise locally on the radio. Lee Priest the business owner had self built the website but felt that it needed to be taken further with the facility to blog and wanted some of the social media features he had seen else where.

At the beginning of the campaign they had not had any contact via the website. Just one week later and with the website live for just a few hours the first enquiry came through the contact form.

“My old website wasn’t bringing me any new business and was becoming difficult to control. Lorraine Cheney at Navitas Design provided me with a website quickly, without stress and at a really affordable price. 4 weeks on and my website has already paid for itself in new customers. I would recommend Navitas Design to anyone who is having trouble getting new business from their website..”

Lee Priest
Blue Frog Digital Print – Aylesbury

Take Control of your Web Campaign

Gain Control of your Website

What causes most business owners a headache with their website?

Is it search engine rankings? Well yes!
Is it not being able to blog? Maybe.
Is it not being integrated with their social media campaign? Possibly..

All these things have a more simplistic cause. The business owner has no control over their website.

Navitas Design small business website packages can give you back the power to take full control of whatever you want to acheive from your website. By sitting down and working out the end goal of your website we can create a website with your company targets in the centre of the design.

If you feel that a Social Media campaign will suit you then the tools you need to move forward with that will be foremost in the design and the after build training.

If you are going to target keywords or phrases in a Search Engine Optimised campaign that will be implemented during the build ready for the next part of the process.

Whatever your aim we do not just build websites. You can build a great looking website but traffic will not come to you. You have to drive traffic either through Social Media, SEO or good old fashioned sales and networking. Part of our ethos is to teach you that your website is just a small part of your marketing strategy and although central to it the site is just one of many cogs.

To find out how to gain control of your website contact us by email or take a look at our affordable website packages.