Setting up 301 re-directs – need a list of your Google URL’s

I have site we are building that has 100’s of products and pages listed in Google.

My client asked today:

With migrating to our new WordPress site, is there a plan to redirect our pages from the old site to the new site? Our existing site must be mapped by google, and assuming that the URLs change, we could lose organic traffic overnight.

In answer to his question we created an .htaccess file to re-direct all of the old urls to the new ones but with 100’s of pages how did we get a file with all those URL’s listed – the answer wasn’t difficult.

1.) In order to get a list of URL’s for a site Google provides the search query . This query returns a list of your pages that are indexed. This leaves us with 2 dilemmas. How do we copy the URL’s and how do we get over that there are only 10 search queries on the Google Search Engine Results Page (SERPS). Let deal with one at a time.

2.) Open your search results page and look to the right hand corner.
Google Search Settings page

3.)Select Search Setting and check the box as below.

Google Instant predictions
Never show Instant results.

You will them be able to alter the amount of results shown per page – increase this to 100.

4.) Install the ginfinity Chrome Extension.

5.) Refresh your page and you will now have an infinite scrolling serps page – all you need to do now is export the list.

6.) Go to the page I found this great info on and find the link to drag and drop the GOOGLE SERPS EXTRACTOR into your bookmarks bar,

7.) You can now copy and paste the information your need to your .htaccess file

For a more in-depth explaination or to read the comments as they may help you answer any questions head over to:

The History of SEO

A nice Slide Share presentation here on history of SEO and it explains a few of the factors that are used as well as some things that you shouldn’t do.

It has a simple timeline of Googles releases which is easy to follow. There is also a sign up at the end for five tips a day that you can implement to your marketing in your coffee break.

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Take Control of your Web Campaign

Gain Control of your Website

What causes most business owners a headache with their website?

Is it search engine rankings? Well yes!
Is it not being able to blog? Maybe.
Is it not being integrated with their social media campaign? Possibly..

All these things have a more simplistic cause. The business owner has no control over their website.

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Whatever your aim we do not just build websites. You can build a great looking website but traffic will not come to you. You have to drive traffic either through Social Media, SEO or good old fashioned sales and networking. Part of our ethos is to teach you that your website is just a small part of your marketing strategy and although central to it the site is just one of many cogs.

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Douglas Burton Gunsmith is back Buckinghamshire

Douglas Burton is a gunsmith trained to London standards. He specialises in Gun Repairs and Restoration.

Doug has been away from the area for a few years and has recently returned to re-start his previously successful business. There was no way for people to check that the Doug was trading anymore as he had no internet presence. There wasn’t even a listing of Doug’s phone number online.

A single page was all that was needed to ensure that Doug could be contacted. With some Search Engine Optimisation Doug is competing with some well established large sites for phrases relating to Gun Repairs Buckinghamshire and Gun Restoration Buckinghamshire.

Visit Doug’s site for more information on Gun Repairs and Restoration in Buckinghamshire.

What Allergy Take Control of Their Blog

Ruth Holroyd at What Allergy has done a great job of producing a blog on her own.  There were a few things that Ruth wanted to do but she had reached the point where her knowledge was holding her back.  Ruth approached Navitas Design for some guidance on why she couldn’t add some of the features other WordPress users had to her Blog.

With an hour of changes including switching to a Premium WordPress theme and the right plugins the What Allergy Blog was ready to move forward with Ruths latest ideas. All that was needed was an hours training and the way Ruth was using her blog had been transformed.

Ruth wrote me a great testimonial –
“Lorraine has helped me take control of my blog and in just under an hour on the phone we achieved so much. I’m now buzzing with ideas of how I can improve it, change it, add stuff and more importantly make money from it. I will definitely be using Lorraine again in the near future as I have a growing list of more things to do and would recommend her services to anyone with a wordpress blog who wants to understand all the clever things it can do.” July 11, 2011