The History of SEO

A nice Slide Share presentation here on history of SEO and it explains a few of the factors that are used as well as some things that you shouldn’t do. It has a simple timeline of Googles releases which is easy to follow. There is also a sign up at the end for five tips […]


Do you know why you complete the description in your SEO settings? This is a really important tag, it has two very big pulls. It needs to tell Google what the page is about to enable Google to present relevant content to the searcher. When the searcher gets the SERPS (Search Engine Results Page) to […]

SEO Special January 2013 Offer

Would you like a clear guide as to how your website is performing?  Do you need a clear vision to motivate you to achieve website goals?  Ready to take your website to the next level… Try our Diagnostic SEO Report and 2 hours follow up work: Normally £120.00 NOW Only £80 WordPress users or agreed […]

Website Content Review Coaching Session

Are you asking yourself if your website is actually bringing any value to your business? If your answer is yes then you can use our marketing Guru Sarah Brambleby to review the current brand, design and messaging that your website gives to your potential customers. The review will be independent as we are not trying […]

Take Control of your Web Campaign

Gain Control of your Website What causes most business owners a headache with their website? Is it search engine rankings? Well yes! Is it not being able to blog? Maybe. Is it not being integrated with their social media campaign? Possibly.. All these things have a more simplistic cause. The business owner has no control […]

What Allergy Take Control of Their Blog

Ruth Holroyd at What Allergy has done a great job of producing a blog on her own.  There were a few things that Ruth wanted to do but she had reached the point where her knowledge was holding her back.  Ruth approached Navitas Design for some guidance on why she couldn’t add some of the […]