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Stop Spam On Your WordPress Blog

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Spam is always a nuisance so what can you do to reduce it? If you are a business and your blog is used for sharing news but you don't have interaction with your readers you can condition your blog so that comments, trackbacks and pingbacks are switched off. This isn't ideal though as it defeats one of the main benefits of your blog. Networking with your clients and potential clients. You could alter the settings below by un-checking allow trackbacks and pingbacks. Closing comments … [Read more...]

Backing Up Navitas Web Hosting

It's important that you back up your files and database if you have a WordPress or other CMS (Content Management System). Here are some simple instructions on how to back up from your Navitas control panel. Backing up your DATABASE using our automated back up: Log into your Navitas Control Panel and click on Web Tools. Click to configure MySQL Databases and click 'Now' under backup database. Save this file to your local machine. Backing up your FILES using our automated back … [Read more...]

Are you looking for a great new quoting tool?

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Are you tired of not been able to keep track of your quotes or not being able to amend a quote template to suit your business? We were until we tried using Quote Roller. This great tool has helped us write professional looking quotes that we can amend to suit any of our clients whether they are looking for a simple hosting package or a Bespoke website. With the help of the forum page we have made our quotes simple to read and understand with all the basic information easy to find. One of … [Read more...]

What is a WordPress Theme?


A WordPress theme is a less expensive way of providing yourself and your customers with a website to go to. Here at Navitas we do give you the options of having a theme or template for us to start with or having a completely unique and customised look. We often sway more towards the bespoke option as it will let you stand out above your competitors, but a theme is always taken into account. Themes are in their basic term a template, meaning we can manipulate the design and colours of a theme … [Read more...]

Why do I need stock images or photography on my website?

Images can be an incredible asset to any website, making it more visual and relative to the consumer than just plain text on a page. They engage your audience and can set you aside from competition. They set the tone for many websites, too many images and your audience will be lost, too little and your audience will be bored. Make the images too confusing and your customer won't know how to interact with your website. It's all about finding just the right amount of visual content to keep both … [Read more...]

What is a 301 re-direct?


Are you unhappy with your website name? Are you trying to look in a new direction for your business? Did you know that changing the URL (name of your website) will result in losing all the hard work that you have out into Google and your search engine ranking. Unsure of what a URL is? URL is short for Uniform Resource Locator, in other words just a fancy name for your website or a domain name as it is more popularly known. You might think that switching the domain name of your website is … [Read more...]

I have no idea what a blog is…


A blog in its simplest terms is a mash up of the words Web and Log, meaning a log or journal you keep on the world wide web. It's used for discussing topics and sharing information, giving the opportunity for them to come in the style of informal and formal. They are time based categorised articles that go onto your website, meaning that you can create a blog post and set it to publish in advance rather than (like a page) have it go out immediately. They give you a great opportunity to … [Read more...]

The importance of verifying your Back Up

In a previous life, well just last year actually, I worked in the corporate world of data storage, back up and recovery. We sold hardware and some software to companies to ensure that all their data was always backed up in case of emergency. This would enable them to ensure that they could operate 24 x 7 and could recover after any unforeseen events in as short as time as possible. So like you and I and all of the large companies out there, we all take a back up every now and then and assume … [Read more...]

What is SEO?

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Search Engine Optimisation is an essential part of any live website for any company's status on the internet. You want to make yourself known, but how do you go about it? Search engines have a ranking system of all the websites known to them on the web, putting them in lists of the most authoritative to the underdogs. The way that it does this is by using an algorithm which reads many factors including clear-cut phrases and words describing your company, this gives Google the information it … [Read more...]

What is an email blast?


If you're new or just simply confused about the whole e-mail scene here's a brief description of what an e-mail blast is. An e-mail blast is simply just the process of someone sending a string of people an e-mail. It's mainly used by marketers to get their material and their company out there to customers. This can be in the form of a newsletter or the form of new events or updates in the company or even advertising products. It's an incredibly good thing for communicating with customers but … [Read more...]